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Power Shade Pro Apk v14.80 {Latest}



Power Shade Pro Apk

Power Shade Pro Apk : Notification Bar Changer and Manager 14.80 Apk Full Unlocked Pro most recent is a Personalization Android application

Download last form Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer and Manager Apk Full Unlocked Pro For Android with direct connection

Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer and Manager is a Personalization android application made by Treydev Inc that you can introduce on your android gadgets an appreciate !

The most exceptional warnings bar changer yet! Make your notice cabinet look exceptional, as per your own taste and inclination.

The decision is at last yours.

Key Features

◎ Full shading customization: Take the base format and shading every one of the components to your taste.

◎ Powerful notices: Get it, read it, rest or expel.

◎ Quick answer: Reply to your messages when you see them. For all Android 5.0+ gadgets.

◎ Auto packaged: Tired of that one application that spams you warnings? Presently they’re altogether assembled, for simple control.

◎ Notification card topics: Android P propelled.

– Light: your normal warnings

– Dark: (extraordinary on AMOLED screens).

◎ Quick settings board

– Choose an alternate shading for the foundation or forefront (symbols) of the brisk settings board.

– Change brilliance slider shading.

– Choose your own profile picture to be shown in the shade.

– (Pro) Change fast settings network design (ie. number of segments and columns).

Root is discretionary

Since the application doesn’t really change any pieces of your framework it has constrained power in the territory of the snappy setting (can’t flip portable information, area administrations, and so on so it opens the settings page for you). You can concede it root get to however to control these settings.

🔔 Download Power Shade Pro, the ultimate notification bar changer & notification manager for FREE!

Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager Apk Full

Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager Apk Full

Whats New:◎ Fixed an issue for pro users and crash fixes
◎ Added ringer indicator in the expanded panel
◎ Added a gifts section for non-pro users

Mod Info:
● Standalone Android Package
● Android App Bundle Repacked (Split APKs Packer v4.3.3):
• Languages: Multi
• DPIs: hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi
• CPUs: None
● Pro Features Unlocked
● AOSP Compatible
● Release by Kirlif’Google Play

Power Shade Pro Apk Download Below

Power Shade Pro Apk Review:- Hey guys Amrit Here here I’ve got what I hope will be quite a useful app for you today the bottom line is it turns your notifications into more stock Android locking notifications so if you’re in a Samsung device like me or maybe it is Jeremy like me you don’t like to have the notification bar looks and then toggles the quick toggles the type you would prefer just a nice clean and simple stock Android looking arrangement so we have this app called power shade

Now I suppose first flash I’ll just show you what it looks like so I pull down you can see the quick toggles at the top we can pull again and we get expanded you can obviously drop things in and out now it’s not as what’s the word it’s not you might be missing some bits that you would have in your main usual arrangement so for my Samsung I can’t bring in the power settings like you have as normal but most of the stuff is their base it all the sort of usual stuff is there so if we go back up there we go so I see other here I’ve got a lot of notifications at this point because I’ve not the phone booted up for a few days and they’ve all come to fly through I like at the bottom – I’m not even sure I didn’t only have this many notifications so I’m not sure that you normally see it like that at the bottom they all kind of stack along and then they slide back in this you slide up I like that it’s easy enough.

I mean you ever just dismissed like any other one would if I wanted to snooze something to later what I like here is there are more options so we’ve got a whole day I love that there might be some things I think you know I’m not dealing about today I’m gonna sneeze it till tomorrow fantastic so, for now, I’m gonna sneeze it for 30 minutes but yeah me just I think is a very neat looking so that’s going to look at some of the options, first of all, let’s just tap on the eye so you see here it’s all very well laid out so yeah that sort of transitioned I do like that so it’s very space you can do in there obviously we’ve got it turned on this one things that don’t use a trigger if you want Trevor on the side here so I turn it on so that basically I would win the setting so it’s moving I suppose basically that lets you bring your notification bar down by swiping on the side, not something that I particularly want to do so.

I haven’t used that colors so the minute we’re sort of the regular sort of white or lights I suppose we can make it dark now only the actual we’re talking the actual notifications here I’ll come to the top bit in a moment so that’s an option dynamic color is what I’ve usually had it on which is quite nice so if the app has a sort of color link to it the notification is that color that’s quite cool you can actually manually adjust them all you’ve got you got background blur and other things like that but they’re pretty funky so lay out some of these quantities I mean they’re very small changes I don’t particularly notice the difference in a lot of them but you can change them out of grid columns and stuff on that at different points for that it’s all quite cool Mac screen modifications piranha slide what the position of the brightness slider that’s all quite handy and then so make sure now I’ve got the paid version if I’m quite honest I can’t remember which of these bits are paid in which of them up in the like free version but there’s only a pound something or over please do support you do this is a nicely loated app please do support it as me being a dev and all that I feel.


I should say that but something you know it does apps that I’ve put literally well not literally months I suppose you’re not just constantly coding for a month but you can put a lot of time it wraps on time if you’ve done a good job it’s nice to be rewarded it’s only a couple of quid at most anyway let’s come back to it so custom background image so you’re gonna select that I go to Android system so basically we’re gonna use an image and I’m gonna use this one so that’s fine crop done and there’s my logo look that’s pretty cool I think that is pretty cool I mean I don’t know but what all I’m thinking is so if you wanted to change it to a black background you just put a black image in there that’s easy enough to do so that’s pretty much it’s not it’s not a massively complex app but it’s just it’s really well done it looks really nice it helps you get to that stock Android look I have had a couple of issues with it well no the only issue that I sometimes have had is kind of almost phantom notifications or it’s just not displaying the notification properly but it this happened very few and far between are those here being a massive issue it’s not specced to pull me off so that and the missing out on some of my device specific toggles are the only thing the only sort of negatives but all round really nice app I’m so free hopefully.

I’m sure you’ll agree so lemon are your thoughts in the comments down below before now my name is Andy and I will catch you all again soon problem and thank you for making it into the video hopefully you enjoyed it if you did you want to cool the little fella we should hopefully appear about here to subscribe you may also want to check out some of my other videos which are going to appear somewhere there also come have a look at my website Android Andy dot UK’ and there is also a forum come say hello on the forum if you got any questions about things or request me to review things or anything else just come and have a chat on the forum.

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