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APP Cloner Premium For Android-APK Download



Hey, guys, what’s up today I want to tell you a best APP Cloner Premium application from this application you can clone(duplicate) maximum apps for you needed. Works great, and it’s free. You can create and install multiple copies of your existing applications using APP Cloner Premium. this is the only multi-account application to create real, fully independent and installable clones.

APP Cloner Premium Installation process

→♠After Install-when opens it the app you’re going to see these columns the first one has installed apps the second one is cloned.

→apks don’t have anything cloned that’s not showing up there but this is a list of installed apps on your phone.

→And you can install pretty much any of these you can clone any of these. the cloned app so that you want..

→You can tell it apart from the app that’s already installed on your phone. you can do that in a number of ways you can change the name let’s say anything that you want .

Even change the color so you can kind of adjust the color we’ll go with a bright pink and there’s a lot of other stuff

→You can do here if you unlock the full version. going to just keep this right here and when you’re done you’re going to hit the check bar check button it’s going to

→Clone the app and basically download the APK.

→Install it like you normally would you can already see that the icon and the name have been chaned.

→First, before we need to open it you can see in your app list drawer here that

→The app works just like would you want.

→This stuff’s really interesting if you want to do multiple accounts, you can do it. it’s called app cloner and it’s free to give it

Filename App Cloner Premium.Apk
Size Size
Version v1.5.19

Premium Unlocked


APP Cloner Premium Full version features

  • Facebook Messenger Cloning
  • WhatsApp Cloning
  • Replace launcher icon
  • Create various app clones
  • Remove launcher icon or widgets
  • Allow/prevent app backups
  • Disable auto-start app default Disable auto-start app Remove app permissions
  • One app, All message: most instant messaging is supported.
  • Multiple accounts can operate on one device concurrently,
  • connect distinct friends and share parallel data.
    Multiple Game Experience: You can open multi-game accounts for Google Play and experience both accounts at the same moment!
  • Fast switch between interfaces— Privacy and security
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