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FancyKey Keyboard

FancyKey Keyboard - Cool Fonts – A free app for customization and cool fonts!

FancyKey Keyboard


FancyKey Keyboard has cool fonts, emoticons, emoji arts and personalized themes. You can take advantage of autocorrect input and word predictions. The chatting will be fancied by downloading and installing the FancyKey keyboard.
Feature-rich app:
There are more than 1600 emoji and emoticons. You can take advantage of advanced auto-correct and auto-suggest engine.
Complete customization:
The keyboard can be customized completely. To apply emoji compositions, one tap is sufficient. The keyboard is compatible with all popular apps. There will be multiple typing effects and clipboard can be used for quick copy and paste operations.
Steps to customize keyboard:
• You can take a photo or choose a photo
• from your album, and it can be applied as a background.
• There are five key styles which include White, Black, Steel, Wooden, and Modern.
• Typing effect should be customized
• Typing sound can be customized
• Font and color can be customized
Protects your privacy:
Your private information will not be collected while using the app. The words typed by you will be used to make predictions accurate. The app supports many languages.

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